Brooklyn, NY: Blue Marble Has Perfect Texture and Amazing Fresh Flavors
Thursday, June 20, 2013

The first time SCOOP Blog visited Blue Marble in 2009, we couldn't get over how incredibly fresh their cream tasted and how perfect their density was. What we didn't realize at the time was that Blue Marble was at the forefront of a movement that has taken the ice cream world by storm.

Founded in 2007 by two best friends, Jennie Dundas and Alexis Miesen, Blue Marble was founded on the notion that tasty ice cream could be good for the community, too. Based around a philosophy of ethical, sustainable sourcing and an emphasis on certified organic ingredients, the shop sought to redefine what ice cream could be. And it has succeeded.

In many ways, Blue Marble was the forerunner to other amazing shops SCOOP Blog reviewed, like Salt and Straw, Molly Moon's, and Penny's, which seek to make amazing ice cream while changing the world. And it has pursued its social goals not only because it's good for business, but because it's good for the world. Through its non-profit, Blue Marble Dreams, Blue Marble has set up Rwanda's first local ice cream shop, providing much needed training and education to the local population. We like that Blue Marble is about making everyone's lives better through the power of ice cream :)

In addition to changing lives in Rwanda, Blue Marble has also been changing customer's worldview of what a great ice cream can be. Specializing in fresh fruit flavors, such as strawberry and black raspberry, the shop has the best fruit flavors the SCOOP Blog team has ever reviewed. One important difference between Blue Marble's fruit flavors, compared to almost any other shop we've tried, is the intensity, depth and precision of the fruit flavors. Their ice cream tastes better than the real deal! But what really takes their scoops to the next level is the amazing quality of the cream that they use. Organic, and sourced from small farms in New York, their cream is as flavorful and as fresh as it gets. Each scoop we've ever had at Blue Marble has been extremely dense and wonderfully creamy, with some of the best mouthfeel we've ever enjoyed.

Blue Marble's Ice Cream is so Good, You Can Tell Just By Looking at It!

And Blue Marble is oh so close to perfect. One area for improvement that we noted is consistency across flavor categories. When it comes to fruit based flavors, Blue Marble is hands down the best, but for flavors that are more indulgent and/or experimental, we experienced a noteworthy drop in quality in our review. We recommend Blue Marble take the Mint Chocolate Confetti and the Grapenut flavor off their menu, because they miss the mark. We have great respect for Blue Marble's craft, and to take their scoops to the highest levels, the shop needs to be at the forefront of flavor invention. The flavors at Blue Marble are astoundingly delicious, and we hope that the shop doesn't rest on its laurels, continuing to push its craft, developing new flavors and ice cream concepts along the way.

Flavor Tasting Notes

Blue Marble has Just Eleven Flavors on Rotation, Highlighting its Commitment to Focus and Perfection.

Raspberry Chip

Really amazing raspberry flavor that is deep and intense. Great chocolate chips that have a nice acidity and sweetness to them. The chips are well-blended and not hard, integrating perfectly with the cream's texture. We liked Blue Marble's flavor even more than Graeter's world-famous raspberry chip flavor. Highly recommended.

Green Tea

A really good, classic green tea flavor. The green tea is deep and complex, balanced with amazing cream and excellent texture. We recommend this for green tea ice cream purists.


Wow! What balanced acidity. Great, intense strawberry flavor. Amazing, dense, creamy texture. Wonderful milky flavor really shines through.


Really unique, natural peach flavor. Amazing texture that Blue Marble is known for. Extremely fresh.


They nailed it! Perfect balance, deep complex flavor, not bitter at all. Really one of best straightforward coffee flavors we've had.

Mint Chocolate Confetti

This flavor uses mint extract. Good salt balance and interesting chocolate, but the extract is overwhelming. The texture has nice density, but seems a bit grainy from the chocolate.

Cookies n Cream

Great, dense cream. Super fresh cookies. A classic cookies and cream done superbly well.

Grape Nuts

Tastes like bowl of grapenuts cereal. Good if you like cereal. Not mindblowing.

Final Score: 9/10

Blue Marble

186 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238