Fairfax (Bay Area), CA: Nice Local Scoop at Fairfax Scoop
Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fairfax Scoop is a great local shop that can take any visit to the hippie enclave of Fairfax, CA to the next level. Located in downtown Fairfax, Fairfax Scoop makes all its organic flavors from scratch, often using local ingredients. In fact, the lavender ice cream SCOOP! tried was made using lavender that is grown by local residents in their backyards. This made for a memorable experience, and it's clear that Fairfax Scoop is one of those special shops that not only serves delicious ice cream, but is also a pillar of the community.

The parlor, while small, is incredibly warm and exudes local charm. The ice cream, while tasty, could use a few tweaks to take their flavors to the next level. One thing we wished we had seen in our scoop was better texture. We found the flavors we tried to be fairly runny, and not dense at all. It's almost as though Fairfax is intentionally using lower fat content in their base. That would also help explain some of the graininess we encountered in the flavors we tried.

One nice thing about Fairfax Scoop is that they make their own cones. We highly suggest trying them after taking a walk through downtown Fairfax. It will be a memorable stop on your journey.

Flavor Tasting Notes

Vanilla Honey Lavender

The lavender flavor was strong and tasty. This is one of the most intense lavender ice creams we've tried, bordering on slightly bitter. What makes this flavor unique is the small bits of lavender that are incorporated into the base. This flavor had the best texture of the scoops we tried at Fairfax.

Maple Walnut

This ice cream had a nice, mild walnut flavor. The texture was noticeably better than some of the other scoops we tried.

Blackberry Chip

Fairly generic, weak blackberry flavor. The chocolate bits were extremely hard and did not integrate well. The texture on this ice cream was somewhat grainy.

Mt. Barnabe Raspberry

Good raspberry flavor, with a grainy texture.


Authentic, if slightly weak, strawberry flavor. Could have benefited from more strawberries.


Strong coffee flavor. Bitter.


Not particularly memorable, with a weak texture.

Final Score: 6/10

Fairfax Scoop

63 Broadway Boulevard, Fairfax, CA 94930